Welcome to Beth Judah


Rabbi and HazzanWelcome to the Beth Judah Family. We are a vibrant synagogue at the South Jersey Shore. Beth Judah is a warm and welcoming family connecting with each other and the Jewish traditions and customs of our ancestors. We offer a full range of educational and spiritual activities including wonderful Shabbat services, Beth Judah Alive Instrumental Friday night services, twice daily minyan which welcomes and supports those who need to recite Kaddish or those who want to connect more deeply with God. Beth Judah offers wonderful summer programming for those visiting for a short time including our wonderful Devotion by the Ocean. Beth Judah has something for everyone educationally, spiritually and even ways to reach out and help others in need. Our purpose is to help create Jewish meaning in the lives of those who visit us. Please come inside and make yourself at home because we are all family.