Services and Rituals


Shabbat and Holidays

We are pleased to offer Shabbat Services throughout the year on both Friday night and Saturday as well as services for all Jewish holidays.

Daily Minyan

There is a Daily Minyan at Beth Judah in Ventor or at Beth Judah on the Mainland. We encourage you to check out the detailed informatoin about times and how to get involved.

Shabbat Yachad

Shabbat yachad meets several times a year on Shabbat morning at 10:30 am. Together we explore the why’s and how’s of services. So far some of the questions we have looked at include why and how we “do the dance” before the Amida, why we cover our eyes before the Shema, how prayer is like BBQ, and why we don’t consider God a magician. We also travel off on many tangents to answer questions as they come up.

While Shabbat Yachad is geared to families to keep kids engaged, adults without children in tow are encouraged to join us!

Junior Congregation

This is the laboratory where our students are exposed to Shabbat morning services in a peer-led, warm environment. Parents are always welcome. Services meet twice per month in the Toll Chapel, running from 10:30-11:30am.

High Holiday Schedule 5773

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